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Congratulations Patient Advocate Kathy Almoradie, 2017 Platinum Award winner

June 21st, 2017 | Posted in Advocacy 101, Advocacy Stories, Quality Care

Congratulations to Kathy Almoradie, who was the 2017 DecisionHealth Platinum Awards winner in the Case/Care Manager category for the Patient Advocate.

Winners were announced in May at the 8th Annual Platinum Awards luncheon in Baltimore.

Here is the award-winning entry describing Almoradie’s work as a strong patient advocate who “demonstrates values of compassion, integrity, relationships, innovation and performance.”

“Her role as a complex care manager requires a comprehensive assessment from the time care management is identified through discharge. One clear example of this: Kathy was referred a young male who sustained a traumatic brain injury while living in Arizona. The patient lost his father months earlier and moved to Arizona from California.

“The patient was in Arizona receiving medical care, but his HMO medical group was through his deceased father’s employer benefit plan, and it moved him to California for continuation of care. This posed as a tremendous hardship for him and his mother as they no longer lived in California. Kathy took action by communicating with the rehabilitation facility in California and working with the discharge planner to transport the patient back to Arizona and worked towards getting the patient medical equipment, therapy services and a medical provider to facilitate continuation of care needs.

“What proved to be challenging was not having any contracted medical providers in their area. Kathy stepped in with the patient’s mother’s consent and contacted not only the insurance plan but his deceased father’s employer. It was determined that the only resolution was to change to another employer-sponsored health plan that offered providers in their area.

“Kathy was able to find a doctor who was willing to see the patient at a reduced cost and write prescriptions. Sadly, since the new plan did not have a contract with Optum for case management services, Kathy had to close his case, but not without establishing a plan of action for continued care with the new providers.”

For information on the runners-up in the Case/Care Manager – Patient Advocate category, as well as all 32 of the competitors in the 2017 Platinum Awards contest, go to DecisionHealth’s special awards issue, “Recognizing the Best in Case Management and Care Coordination:”