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Professional Patient Advocate Institute Resource Center

These essential documents assist advocates in patient care, navigation and advocacy, as well as tools to help manage and sustain your business.


  • Understanding HITECH and Meaningful Use: With the passage of the HITECH Act, professionals may be entitled to stimulus dollars when implementing health information technology.
  • Patient Safety Complaint Package: If you recognize a patient safety issue, this packet will walk you through the process of filing a complaint.
  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act.
  • HIPAA Compliant Form: A document detailing the process if a HIPAA violation is recognized.
  • Protected Health Information: A program from Health and Human Services to explain protected health information under HIPAA.
  • Medicare Disclosure Form to Release of Information: A form used to advise Medicare of the person or persons an individual has chosen to have access to their person health information.
  • Covered Entity Charts: A guide on how to determine which organization or individual is covered under HIPAA's Administrative Simplification provisions.
  • HIPAA – Disclosures for Public Health Activities: A legal definition and interpretation of the parameters of the HIPAA Privacy Rule when a situation arises where an individual's health issues may affect the community at large.
  • Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule: A complete and thorough explanation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule which assures individuals' health information is properly protected by the law when seeking medical care.
  • Key Healthcare Insurance Terms.
  • A Consumers Guide to Health Insurance: Complete with answers for individuals with questions about health insurance.
  • 1-800 Medicare Billing Questions Fact Sheet: Contact sheet for individuals who have questions about the original Medicare billing process.
  • Medicare Summary Notice, Part B: An example of a Medicare summary notice.
  • Medicare Summary Notice, Part A: An example of a Medicare summary notice.
  • Request for Medicare Hearing by Law Judge: A request form for use by party to a reconsideration determination issued by a Qualified Independent Contractor.
  • Reconsideration Request Form: The Medicare reconsideration request form.
  • Transfer of Appeal Rights: This form allows individuals to transfer their appeal rights to their healthcare providers for an item or service.
  • Medicare Appointment of Representative: A form medicare users can use to appoint a representative for them to make requests, present information, elicit evidence and appeal on their behalf.
  • Medicare and the New Health Care Law: An insight into Health care Reform.
  • Medicare Extra Help: A guide explaining why a new change in the Medicare law helps individuals save more on prescription costs.
  • Supplemental Security Income: Understanding Supplemental Security Income.
  • 2010 Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare.
  • Your Medicare Benefits: Your Medicare Benefits (Parts A and B).
  • What Is Medicare? What Is Medicaid?: Medicare and Medicaid, their costs, coverage and everything they have to offer.
  • Medicare and You 2010: Understanding Medicare rights, costs, coverage, health and prescription drug plans and health information technology.
Long-Term Care
  • Avoiding Mistakes with Your Medications: The Joint Commission's guide for patients prescribed medication.
  • Planning Your Follow-Up Care: Lists of questions for patients to ask physicians about medication and recovery care before they leave the hospital after surgery.
  • Speak Up Know Your Rights: A patient primer created by The Joint Commission to help patients understand all of their medical rights.
  • A Guide to Long Term Care Housing: A guide book from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid on Long Term Care Planning.
  • Legal Guide for the Seriously Ill: A planning guide for those with chronic illness.
  • Put it in Writing: Understanding Advanced Directives.
  • Long Term Care Planning Guide: Importance of long-term planning.
  • So Far Away: 20 Questions for Long-Distance Caregivers: Long-distance caregiving.
  • Nursing Home Checklist: Tips for researching nursing homes.
  • Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home: Step-by-step plan to assist family and friends in helping an individuals choose a nursing home.
Managing Your Business
  • Laws for Small Business Owners: The Federal Registry is the place where the federal government announces new laws and regulations. Read the latest updates for small businesses.
  • 100 Green Small Business Tips: Today the trend is to "go green." Take time to read tips from other business owners who have been successful in going green.
  • Guide to SBA Definition for Small Business: A handy toolbook from the Small Business Administration to understand terminology for small business.
  • Home-Based Business and Government Regulations: A report from the Small Business Association on Home Based Business and Government Regulations.
  • Small Business Resource for Growing a Business.
  • Sample Client Contract: A contract is a binding agreement that secures your professional services. No legitimate professional should be without one.
  • Sample Business Letter Introduction: When you need to make that key introduction, a well-crafted letter can help you achieve your goal.
  • Sample Business Letter: A professional business letter is a vital document in your arsenal for a successful enterprise.
  • Small Business Checklist: Critical steps when starting your own business can easily be overlooked. It is vital to your success that you to ensure your company is built professionally, legally and efficiently.
  • Business Website Tips.
Marketing Your Business
  • Marketing for Small Businesses: A primer from the Small Business Association on Marketing for Small Businesses
  • Top Networking and Marketing Tips: Successful networking is a crucial aspect of the job for any business owner. Smart and consistent networking can help you find clients—and keep the business process moving forward.
  • Sample Press Release: When you need to get the word out on a new service, event, contract or other newsworthy item, a press release can help you up your visibility.
  • 5 Steps for a Successful Social Media Campaign.
  • Successful Word-of-Mouth Marketing.
  • The Next Level of Press Releases: Using SEO.
  • The 10 Commandments of a Press Release.
  • SEO & SEM: Demystifying Social Media.
Patient Management Resources
  • Managing High Blood Pressure.
  • Diabetic Foot Care.
  • Managing Diabetes.
  • Tackling Depression.
  • Managing Chronic Pain.
  • Taking Care of Myself: A Guide for When I Leave the Hospital: A guide that helps you keep track of all the things you need to do when you get ready to leave the hospital; checklists included.
  • Be Prepared for Medical Appointments: A checklist of questions for patients to ask their doctors during medical appointments
  • Falls Risk Assessment: Prevention and Management.
Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Impact of Medication Adherence: A research article from Drug Benefits on Medication Nonadherence.
  • Medicaid Prescription Drug Rebate Program.
  • My Medication List: A tool to provide clients to record medications in one place.
  • Medicaid Prescription Reimbursement Info by State: Check this fact sheet for Medicaid prescription reimbursement rates by State.
  • Updated Fact Sheet: Medicare Drug Benefit: Medicare Drug Benefit: enrollment data and an update on additional low-income assistance.
  • Guide to Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: A user's guide to Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Patient Assistance Resource Directory: List of companies providing patient assistance programs.
  • Bridging the Coverage Gap.
Professional Development
  • Value of Project Management in Healthcare Research: A paper describing project management in health care research.
  • The Transformational Model for Professionals in Healthcare: A model all professionals can use to improve professional development.
  • A guide to value-based approach to the learning process.
  • Transitions of Care for Professionals: Understanding barriers to care transitions.
  • Transitions of Care for Consumers.
  • Transitions of Care: What You Need to Know.
  • Transitions of care from the patient's perspective.
  • Transitions of Care Checklist .
  • Elements of Excellence in Transitions: A checklist to enhance communication among health care providers, clinicians and caregivers. Includes extensive information about client and client systems.
  • National Transitions of Care Coalition.
  • National Transitions of Care Coalitions (NTOCC) Across the Continuum: An informational brochure about the National Transitions Of Care Coalition: The tools, resources, work groups and support organizations.
  • Taking Care of My Health Care: A guide for patients and caregivers to take with them when visiting doctors and healthcare providers.
  • Guidelines for a Hospital Stay for Patient, Family and Caregiver: A guide to safe and successful health care at the hospital during a patient's stay.
  • Health Literacy Universal Precautions Toolkit: A toolkit designed to help medical professionals organize their practices and communicate better with patients to minimize confusion and ensure healthy outcomes
  • Critical Communication: Using Plain Language to Reduce Medical Errors: A guidebook on the importance of effective communication in healthcare settings, complete with practical case studies.
Quality Care
  • Closing the Quality Gap on Care Coordination: An evidenced based report from the Agency for Health care Research and Quality on Care Coordination.
  • Understanding Root Cause Analysis: Advocates can use to explore unexpected events and outcomes to determine all of the underlying causes of the event and recommend changes as part of continuous quality improvement initiatives.
  • NCQA 2009 Report on Health Care Quality.
  • Dartmouth Institute report: Healthcare Spending, Quality and Outcomes.
  • Closing the Quality Gap: A report from the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality on evidence-based quality projects that will help practitioners improve health and health care.
  • 20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors in Children: A list of questions about medicines, hospital stays, surgery and other steps you can can to ensure your child is safe from medical errors.
  • 5 Tips to Safer Health Care: Ways you can help your family prevent medical errors.
  • 20 Tips to Help Prevent Medical Errors: A list about medicines, hospital stays, surgery and steps you can take to ensure you avoid medical errors.
  • Racial and Ethic Disparities In Health Care 2010: American College of Physicians Report: Impact on racial and ethnic disparities.
  • 2010 Global Survey of Health Care Consumers.

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