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What is PPAI?

Welcome to the Professional Patient Advocate Institute, a resource and training institute for practitioners who want to enhance, elevate and improve their skills in the burgeoning field of patient advocacy.

The Professional Patient Advocate Institute exists to help professional advocates navigate the increasingly complex world of healthcare. As more advocates answer the call to aid those with complicated health and financial challenges, the Professional Patient Advocate Institute offers training to improve skills, and ultimately outcomes, for experienced and beginner advocates alike.

The Professional Patient Advocate Institute offers:

Certificate Programs:

PPAI offers an advanced level certificate program on patient advocacy for those currently involved in the healthcare industry and for professionals with baseline healthcare experience who are prepared to assist consumers and caregivers in navigating today’s complex healthcare system. The certificate is a respected way to show that advanced education on this emerging model of care coordination has been achieved, allowing you to demonstrate to consumers and employers an understanding of the specialized role of the professional patient advocate.

Continuing Education:

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, continuous learning is essential in order to keep pace with clinical and business-based changes. In addition, as a healthcare practitioner in the area of patient advocacy and care coordination, you are required to maintain a professional license or certificate. The Professional Patient Advocate Institute offers continuing education credits to support your requirements. Those who have obtained a Certificate in Patient Advocacy can use the continuing education credits to renew their certificate at renewal time.