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That ‘Living Will’ you signed? At the ER, it could be open to interpretation

June 20th, 2018 | Posted in Consumer Focus, Long-Term Care, Quality Care

By Judith Graham | Kaiser Health News “Don’t resuscitate this patient; he has a living will,” the nurse told Dr. Monica Williams-Murphy, handing her a document. Williams-Murphy looked at the sheet bearing the signature of the unconscious 78-year-old man, who’d been rushed from a nursing home to the emergency room. “Do everything possible,” it read, withRead More

Lawyers, advocates and clinicians band together to defend nondiscrimination section of ACA

September 19th, 2017 | Posted in Consumer Focus, Quality Care

As the debate continues over the possible repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), civil rights and patient advocacy groups have banded together to issue a defense of nondiscrimination protections found in Section 1557 of the health care act. Section 1557 extends nondiscrimination protections found in other areas of civil law to individualsRead More

Congratulations Patient Advocate Kathy Almoradie, 2017 Platinum Award winner

June 21st, 2017 | Posted in Advocacy 101, Advocacy Stories, Quality Care

Congratulations to Kathy Almoradie, who was the 2017 DecisionHealth Platinum Awards winner in the Case/Care Manager category for the Patient Advocate. Winners were announced in May at the 8th Annual Platinum Awards luncheon in Baltimore. Here is the award-winning entry describing Almoradie’s work as a strong patient advocate who “demonstrates values of compassion, integrity, relationships,Read More

New legislation seeks telehealth expansion, home care demo extension

April 17th, 2017 | Posted in Consumer Focus, Insurance Coverage, Long-Term Care, Quality Care

While there are still questions on when or if lawmakers will find a repeal-and-replace plan for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that will pass muster with legislators and voters, there are other developments that could provide some help for patients: Senate bill aims to unlock telehealth services Providers may see expanded opportunity to connect withRead More

Navigating Aging: Project creates playbook for managing problems in the last chapter of life

March 14th, 2017 | Posted in Consumer Focus, Long-Term Care, Patient Tools, Quality Care, Uncategorized

By Judith Graham | Kaiser Health News CHICAGO — At least once a day, Dr. Lee Ann Lindquist gets an urgent phone call. “Mom fell and is in the hospital,” a concerned middle-aged son might report. “Dad got lost with the car, and we need to stop him from driving,” a distraught middle-aged daughter may explain.Read More

New patients’ rights requirements, rule changes may help clients in need of services

January 17th, 2017 | Posted in Consumer Focus, Long-Term Care, Quality Care, Uncategorized

Recent announcements from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could help make getting care for your clients a little easier, including the possibility that providers can offer transportation to and from appointments, benefits to financially needy patients and new requirements for clear instructions to patients who require home health services. Providers can nowRead More

Care managers can play a role in fighting the national opioid epidemic

October 18th, 2016 | Posted in Clinical Trends, Consumer Focus, Quality Care

This guest column is written by Mary Ellen Gervais Ph.D., RN, CCM, president of Hyacinth Health Consulting in Baltimore. It originally was published in Inside the Joint Commission. Care managers who understand the holistic nature of health can play a significant role in relation to the current opioid- and heroin-addiction epidemic. Legal opiates are allRead More