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Making it Work: Your Roadmap for Quality and Payment Success

Are you tasked with the seemingly insurmountable goal of meeting quality demands at your organization while increasing the role the patient plays in care options? For many in care coordination, that path is paved with countless challenges before success. With pay for performance now upon us, there’s no time for trial and error. You need successful, innovative programs you can implement – and you need them now.

At the 9th Annual Care Coordination Summit, you’ll learn from trailblazers in the industry who will share lessons learned, programs that work, and best practices that will keep you innovating long after the event is over. Our three-day conference will cover programs that improve outcomes while demonstrating value, innovative patient-centered models, specific tools to support your transition to pay for performance, and more.

If improving quality care is your goal in 2017, this conference simply can’t be missed!

At the conference you will learn:

  • Best practices to smoothly move from fee for service to pay for performance
  • New models for integrating care across facility and community organizations
  • Gain better understanding of the unique care needs of the LGBT patient
  • Manage care transitions with risk assessment tools
  • Understand how home care plays an important role in care coordination
  • Discover how ethics plays a part in e-medicine

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